Sunday, November 25, 2007

Starting from the top again

My training got derailed due to some personal issues but they are all worked out now. I am ready to go full steam to reach my personal best!!

I just moved to San Antonio so I will need a week to adjust from the drive and the managing of finding an apartment but I will get back to the business of reporting in a week or so.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Looking forward to Week 2

I am real excited about the start of week 2.

The workouts are going to get a little more harder and I am ready for that.

Week 1 was pretty easy but its nice to ease into it without a whole lot of pressure. It gives the body time to adapt to the gradual changes that will be taking place.

I have stayed away from strength training in week 1, this week but I will be looking forward to start to add elements as I get a better feel for how much I have in me.....I don't want to overdo it to where I can't function...Overtraining is no good. I am getting used to how my body is responding to the workouts so far and that I have more to give but I will still add a few things at a time as the weeks go by. Its been my experince that a gradual progression into new territory is always the way to go. You prevent injurys, burnout and overtraining.

Monday, October 8, 2007

My first day was easy and fun!!

I started off on the crosstrainer for about 10 min. and did 5 min. of gentle stretching.

My work out went pretty easy. I did 9 miles on the elliptical bike and kept my heart rate low at 130.

I started with the bike so I wouldn't have to deal with the wetness factor in the gym.

I want to follow the program but im going to have to be a quick transitioner.

I need to learn how to economize my time properly so I understand the need to do it in the order given on the sheet.

I think as long as I somehow incorporate the transition factor and not get stressed about it on race day then I will be fine.

I have some fine tuning to do with the way I am organizing things...just a tad. But I'm always looking for ways to improve, thats the name of the game to me.
My swimming session was relaxing. I usually swim for an hour and a half. It was different going in there knowing that I could only do 24 min. But I am going to follow the 10% increase guidelines and ease into it.

Mental note: I need to buy a lap counter. I must get A.D.D in the water. I simple cannot keep count without one.

Until then I cant say the distance I swim. Arg.

It was a lovely swim. The sun was shining in the pool in the lane I was in. I was relaxing.

Oh, yeah. I stayed up too late so I got a late start into the gym. But it work out in any case.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. After my scheduled session for tomorrow I'm going to follow it up with a light strength training routine to work out my legs and also do some calisthenics.

I will put in the details tomorrow..

I need to get to bed earlier if I want to be like rocky at 4am.


Things I need to work on: Getting to bed by 8pm so I can get adequate rest for my training day.

Tomorrow will be a cake run....Run - 24 min. No big deal.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Phase 1 Week 1

Monday 10/08:
  • Swim - 24 min.
  • Bike - 48 min.

Tuesday 10/09:

  • Run - 24 min.
Wednesday 10/10:
  • Swim - 40 min.
Thursday 10/11:
  • Run - 32 min.
Friday 10/12:
  • Bike - 80 min.
  • OFF
  • Run - 40 min.

20 Week Olympic Triathlon - Run Focused Training Plan

Here is a link to a great website that provides pre made triathlon training plans at no cost.

This is the plan I will follow for the next 5 months starting Monday at about 4am.....Thats in 11 hours.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beginning Again

It has been a long time since I have been hardcore with my fitness. I used to be very conditioned but I am now of average fitness and Im tired of being average. I am getting hungry for a challenge. I find that I gain more momentum and stick-to-it-iveness by having a specific goal in mind.

I am going to do an Olympic Triathlon and/or a Half-Ironman within 6-8 months.

First I will see how my training goes. I might want to focus just on being great at the Olympic but if it turns out that it is not challenging enough then I may bump up the intensity and go for the Half-Ironman.

These are 4 diffrent triathlons :

.5 mile SWIM 13 miles BIKE 3.2 miles RUN

.93 mile SWIM 24.8 miles BIKE 6.2 miles RUN

1/2 Ironman
1.2 miles SWIM 56 miles BIKE 13.1 miles RUN

Full Ironman
2.4 miles SWIM 112 miles BIKE 26.2 miles RUN

My desire is to post as I go through my training so as to add a good habit and to have a place to review my training history. Also if people are reading the blog and have advise I would be greatful to hear it.

Thats all for now. Im glad I am doing the Blog. I see great things happening with my fitness future. Accountablity and Networking with others focused on fitness is going to be a great source of strength I can tell already!